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Enough code to be a danger to myself...

Like I mentioned in the call, I'm not an engineer.  But I've enough coding experience that I can hack away and get some results.  In the old days of Flash and actionscript this was easier, but I can still get a fair ways using javascript and tools like protopie. Though not near the speed and quality of a "creative technologist" or front end developer.

My super power is product visualization, but here's a few examples of my coding accumen...

Map and Panel interaction

This sample prototype shows browsing EV scooters on a map, highlighting the connection between the panel and map interaction.

It has some basic filtering with the battery level range slider by and searching for a specific user.

valid searches:

as the contents are not truly dynamic, I could not remove items from the list, thus the highlighting as a mean of showing filters.

This example is hosted on Protopie Cloud.  It also runs on an ipad if you download the protopie player app.

Scrolling Explainer

To introduce people to the data flow in DPP, I animated an illustration I created using Javascript. You can see the result on the portfolio page.

I've been fascinated by the driving animation with human interaction, bring that intimate connection between person and their device.  designing how it "feels" to use something is a large part of the motion design work I did at Nokia. 

AR Object, Unity Test

A simple exploration of placing a custom 3d object in the environment and allowing the user to spin it around using swipe gestures.

Attached are a few screen shots, but if you're feeling brave there's also an Android APK
Download APK, 28MB