Knightrider Seatbox & Driving Simulator

2016 | HERE GmbH
 CES Las Vegas
The seatbox is a flexible system for prototyping automotive user experiences. At its core is a driving simulator built on top of HERE’s most accurate 3d maps where the user can drive in an immersive 3d enviroment develeoped in Unity.

The simulation reports a virtual gps location to our central comms server which relays this information (and anything else we need from the sim) to any connected client.

With the configurable seatbox from Mirai digital we can swap hardware screens and componants to allow us to test any kind of vehicle setup and input devices.

Production Team
Mark Pearce
Stephan Scheunig
Chris Thompson
Hector Sanchez-Pajarez
Matthias Viranyi
Holger Storm
Roland Heuger
Ruggero Baracco
Stefano Trento
Tero Huttunen
Kalle Bertell