BlackBerry IVY

2021 | Amazon Web Services
 Automotive Data Platform
BlackBerry IVY is a scalable, cloud-connected software platform that will allow automakers to create personalized driver and passenger experiences and improve operations of connected vehicles. 

As the sole UX designer I designed the entire end-to-end experience from command line developer tools to cloud based software management.

Communicate a Vision & Timeline for User Experience.

Joining the project a year after its beginnings, the first task was to communicate a vision for the user experience to stakeholders who had begun to lose site of the console value without a north star.

I built on the persona research work already done, and created high level user journey maps and key-screens to explain the benefits of the console UX. 

I worked with the engineering and product teams to identify the various workstreams and dependencies then mapped out an estimated timeline which we could use as a guide for our weekly sync meetings.

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Customize and create a design system.

With customer branding as a strong product requirement we elected to use a the MUI design system as a basis for front end development.
Sadly their commercial design resources were (imho) sorely lacking.  

I rebuilt the design system from the ground up in Sketch, with styling based on BlackBerry branding, and extending the base system with the more complex components needed for a robust data platform.

This library was the foundation of UI mockups and shared with other designers on the team, with redline exports for engineers,

Define and Document Entity Relationships and System Overview

Beyond the typical user journeys and site maps, I created a high level system diagrams of the platform, highlighting how the different roles and artifacts interact with each other.

Then I dug deeper into the backend systems.  With our non-relational databases and GraphQL interface there wasn't a strict definition of the data objects and relationships, though they were presented as such in the front end.

To document and visualize this I created an entity relationship diagram showing interface requirements for data and giving us a structured way to get feedback from the customer.
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Describe and visualize user experience (mock-ups)

Developer Experience/ CLI
Developers are happiest in their IDE of choice.  For IVY I created mockups detailing the experience of downloading and installing the SDK, plugin configuration in Intelli-J, creating new projects with the IDE or CLI, and submitting a software build to the platform.
 Console Experience
The IVY cloud console targeted a less technical audience, providing  software approval, management and deployment tools for administrative users.
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