Augmented Reality in Car

2015 | HERE GmbH
VFX Concept Video in Seatbox
I worked with automotive designer Stephan Sheunig in HERE’s Connected Car team to create these videos showing augmented reality in the car. The basic premise was to be very ‘light touch’ on the heads up display (HUD) – use few elements but with clear intent, keeping the drivers view free of distraction. From these initial concepts we moved into a custom seating box built by Mirai Digital with a functioning heads-up as well as eye and head tracking. So we could explore the multi-screen canvas of HUD, instrument cluster and center console
Production Team
Mark Pearce
Stephan Scheunig
Mirai Digital
Camera Setup for Filming Drive
Video Player in Seatbox
Seatbox with Multiple Screens
Destination Preview
Triggered at a safe and suitable time as you near your destination, this animation plays on the center console screen. It shows your approach route and an overview of the destination area. The idea is to give the driver a frame of reference, and a better spatial understanding of the area before they arrive.